What are Dubai shopping festival different events dates?

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Dubai shopping festival is composed of various events and I want to know the complete dates of  Dubai shopping festival's  different events?

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    Besides the shopping, a number of entertaining events take place at colorful DSF for children as well as grown ups. You can participate with your family in the Cartoon Shows featuring Pokémon, Casper, Tarzan, Toon Land, Alligator and Dolphin; Fashion Week, Global Village; Carpet Oasis, Al Rostamani Aqua Fantasia and Children of the World Olympiad. Circus shows are other attraction of DSF 2011. Besides the heart touching Jazz and dance performance make you spellbound. Dining is also a major attraction of DSF where gourmets can satisfy their taste buds from delicious cuisines from all corners of the world.

    Sports lovers can also participate in sporting events including Open Tennis Championship, Hockey on Synthetic Surface, Ice Hockey, Football Tournament, Russian Ballet on Ice, and Skating and Rowing Championships.

    Dubai Shopping Festival is not all about bargained shopping, but it also organizes a wide range of special events like business conventions, seminars, exhibitions, book fairs and Hope Opera for the Handicapped. The fascinating festival comes to an end with extravagently magnificent closing ceremonies. With so much to offer, Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 promises to be a truly memorable shopping experience for you and your loved ones.

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