What does it mean when a boy says the letter S?

by Guest2809  |  13 years ago

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Hi's me Eliza again.This is my 2nd question.That same guy i was talking about earlier that i asked in my other question had told me this in class:"wanna have s?" and i said "what does S mean?" and he said that same thing again.Then i asked him what s meant again.Then he just started looking at me in the eyes for like 5 seconds,smiled,then turned around.Now WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!!!

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  1. Guest6528
    it means he wants to have s*x with you...:O

  2. Guest7934
    yeah he totally does...look eliza he really does...anyway,i posted the first answer to that question!!if u really want advice then just email me
    thanx bi
  3. Guest805
    oh my god...he must be in luve wid yu..
  4. Guest635
  5. Guest1168
    s means s*x and guess what that means???In other words,he wants to let you that you are the love of his life...
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