What threat Veena malik gets from the Taliban?

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What type of threat Veena malik is getting from Taliban that shes being forced to think about seeking asylum, and she cannt stay in pakistan.

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  1. Guest5297

     Veena Malik, who became a domestic name after participating on the Indian reality show The Big Boss, has received death threats from Taliban. She got a letter that is a copy of which is available with BT by Maulana Masood, Mujaheddin leader connected with Osama bin Laden, accusing her of humiliating Islam and Pakistan name during her stay in the Big Boss’ house. The helpless model and TV star has decided to seek asylum in other countries.

    Taliban has taken a decision, as upholders of Islam, to penalize Veena malik. They want the girls in Pakistan to stay at home. Veena Malik, who became a household name after appearing on the Indian reality show, has received death threats from Taliban.

    They feel Veena has shamed the girls of the country with her conduct in India. So she needs to be punished to make an example out of her. Her parents, they say, are also a part of this sin and need to be punished for letting her.

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