Where can I get a list of Justin Bieber concerts in 2010?

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Hi there

I was looking on different sites and they have difference in dates, especially in the upcoming ones. Can anyone here please tell me correct info about Justin Bieber concerts in 2010? I am a great fan of Justin Bieber, and wanted to know about his complete schedule for the year 2010


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  1. Guest5451

    Hello there

    I got this useful information about his upcoming musical appearances in the pacific region. It seems he has a lot of passionate fans who are eager to come and watch. You know his recent concerts really rock the stage, as he did before.

    His last appearances for the year 2010 were as follows.

    May, Hindmarsh, Australia (Adelaide Entertainment Centre)

    May 7, Perth, Australia (Burswood Dome)   

    May 10, Pasay, Philippines (Mall of Asia Complex)

    I hope you will meet him there on time now, as I have provided you the relevant information about his program in the pacific region. I let you know about his other concerts as soon as possible, if I get some reliable information about his concerts. I think this outstanding singer has a lot of stuff to do now, and strength to perform very well in front of active audience. I guess this is the most difficult task to do so.

    But he is the king of music, as I put it and he can do it easily. I hope I have given a satisfactory answer. Still have confusion than do consult.



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