did the greeks pray to a specific god when they were most needed???

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for example did they pray to the god of fire when a terrible fire occur???

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  1. Guest5028
    The Greeks never formed a single state and every city (known as a polis) was independent of the others. But although they were divided politically, the Greeks were aware that they formed one people who shared the same language, even though it had various dialects, and the same religion.

    The Greeks were polytheists which means they believed in many gods. These gods and goddesses had human characteristics, including faults, and the Greeks believed that they lived on the top of Mount Olympus, one of the highest mountains in Greece.

    To these gods men had to offer sacrifices of animals or the choicest farm produce. Many Greek cities, moreover, celebrated religions feasts which were attended by famous of these events were the Olympic Games, held in honor of Zeus, which were celebrated every four years at Olympia.

    During this feast there were sacred games in honor of the supreme god. The winning athletes became famous throughout Greece and often poets wrote odes in their praise.

    The Greeks also often went to temples which had oracles, a sort of divine presence that gave advice or foretold the future, like the famous one at Delphi.

  2. Guest7558
    yes they did.
  3. Guest6426
    yes because they have gods.... and when they need a help they have to sacrefias a animal
  4. Guest9146

    this is sooo lame

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