goat. why is my goat going bald

by Guest1889  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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why is my goat going bald




  1. Guest8927
    Could be a few things going on here- Lice? Nutrition? Boredom?
    I think I would start with a delouser such as Ivomec Pour on used as a pour on - go the distance of the backline as best you can  by dribble move dribble move along the spine form neck to tail- you will have to judge to make the dose last- I use 1cc/20lbs of the pour on version of Ivomec which is a blue liquid and will make the stopper in the syringe (no needle)  stick some so be aware of this - I would also add black oil sunflower seeds to the menu- a handful per goat per day is fine. If there is dryness in the skin this should help it - If in a few weeks you do not see improvement a skin sample to the vet  is in order. Watch to see if they rub a lot out of itchiness or boredom.
    There are other dermatological disorders that could be going on but these are the most common and first I would address.

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