how do I join multi player game with a friend?

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cod 4 mw2

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  1. amomipais82
    When I host a game, it starts well until the screen where I have to set the players and the six characters. And there my own playername is missing, i cant choose myself to play! My friend is able to join the game, his name appears and he gets the message "Player X (my name) has left the game".
    When he hosts the game, I am able to connect, but my playername is missing again.

    Im using Vista 64 Service Pack 1, my Friend has Win XP Service Pack 3 (both legal versions with the last updates installed) and we are playing in a local network. I installed BG 1+2 with both addons, TotsC-Patch and ToB-Patch and the BGtutu mod. I am starting the game in windowed mode to avoid the black screen problem. I already tried compatibility modes and admin mode, nothing worked.
    Everything else works well, I can play in Single player without problems.
    But in multiplayer we get the described issues.

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