Easy and best way to Strip a Guitar

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One of my very good friends has newly started his music classes, he was asking me the easy and best way to Strip a Guitar.

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     Guitars can be tricky to narrow piece because of the high-quality lacquer utilised in the guitar-making process. Guitar manufacturers use nitrocellulose lacquer, which is a plastic-nylon equation that can't be effortlessly sanded off. To narrow piece a guitar correctly you require to use chemical strippers that dissolve the lacquer and weaken it into gel that can be scraped off. You don't require to eliminate all the hardware to narrow piece your guitar, just a couple of pieces. You can strip off the neck and narrow piece your guitar in about an hour.

    • Remove the cords from the guitar. If your guitar has a choose guard, use a screwdriver to eliminate the little attachments that contain it to the guitar. If pickups are established on the choose guard, just raise up the choose guard, turn it inverted and depart the pickup adhered by its wires.

    • Pull off the capacity and tone-control k***s. Place masking strip over any artificial components, for example pickup retainer rings or command cavity wrappings on the guitar's back. Tape off the neck where it connects the body of the guitar.

    • Wear rubber gloves. Dip the brush into the stripper. Paint a slim outer garment of stripper all over the guitar body.

    • Scrape off the stripper with attach at the issue where you begun scrubbing it on. Scrape from the interior out, letting the gelled stripper and lacquer fall off the side. Scrape in short caresses utilising the demonstration of attachment like a blade to scrape interior little chinks and edges. If you find obstinate locations that won't scrape loose, add some more strippers to them, delay five minutes and scrape until all of stripper and vintage complete is gone. Wait one hour for the guitar to dry.

    • Sand the body by hand with 100-grit sandpaper. Re-sand with 220-grit sandpaper to finish.

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