Hooking up Xbox 360 elite to a regular TV

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I have a question regarding hooking up the Xbox 360 elite to a standard TV. I need guidance on how to hook up Xbox 360 elite to a regular TV.

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  1. Guest890

    At the back of the Xbox 360, there are ports for the power cable, A/V cable, and ethernet cable and are easy to find. While setting up your Xbox 360, make sure it is in a well ventilated area and dust-free, as dust and overheating are the two main causes of problems in electronics so choosing the right placement for your Xbox 360 is vital.

    There is a standard Xbox 360 A/V cable that comes with the premium version of the Xbox 360, having wide silver end which connects to your Xbox 360 while the other end connects to your TV. The Yellow (video) cable is for standard, non-HDTV sets. The Red+White audio cables are used for a standard set. For a newer TV or an HDTV set, the Red+Green+Blue video connections can be used along with the Red+White audio connections.

    In a standard TV, there are the Yellow+Red+White connections, while in a newer TV or HDTV; there should be the same connections. This is not difficult to do as the cables from the Xbox 360 and ports on the back of your TV are all color-coded.

    With the audio/video cables connected, the next step is to hook up the power supply. Connect the two parts and then connect the "power brick" end to the Xbox 360 and the other end to a wall outlet. The big power brick needs plenty of ventilation just like the main system so better to have an open space on a shelf for it as setting on a carpet is not recommended.

    With everything hooked up, press the large circular power button to get things started.

    If there is a wired controller, could be plugged into a USB port behind the little USB door. For a wireless controller, hold the silver "X" button in the middle of the controller until the upper left quadrant of the system power button as well as the ring around the "X" button on the controller light up. If it doesn't light up, press the controller connect button on the Xbox 360 as well as the connect button on the top of the controller.

    Everything is now ready for playing.

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