How to hook up Xbox 360 to computer monitor

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Please tell me how can I connect my Xbox 360 to any computer monitor.

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  1. Guest4650

     You can hook up  Xbox 360 to your computer monitor.For that follow the steps given below:

    First, you will check your Xbox 360 that it has an HDMI output or not. It is a small rectangular slot marked "HDMI" located near the video out port on the back of your Xbox console. Most Xbox 360s models will have these ports; however, the models of first-generation of Xbox 360 consoles do not have these output ports built in.

    Here you need to see your computer monitor for a DVI or HDMI input. The DVI input is a D-shaped port having a series of pins located on one side, and has a cross or horizontal slot on the other side. The HDMI port is bigger than a standard USB port in size and it is in a rectangular shape. You can use a standard HDMI to connect HDMI cord if your monitor has an HDMI input port. However, you can use a HDMI to DVI cord to connect your Xbox 360 console to the monitor if there is no HDMI port.

    Now Connect the HDMI cord. One end of the HDMI cord or wire will plug into the HDMI port on the back of your video game console the Xbox 360 and the other end of the cord plugs into the HDMI input on the monitor of your personal computer. If your monitor is with DVI then you will attach the HDMI end of the cord into the back of the Xbox 360, and the DVI end of the cord into the DVI input on your system monitor.

    Now you will switch your computer monitor over to the proper input channel. The input channel normally corresponds to the input method that is used to connect the Xbox 360. For example, if you connected your Xbox 360 into the monitor by means of HDMI, then switch your monitor to the HDMI input channel.

    To check for a video signal, you need to turn on your Xbox 360


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