Finding owner of a Cell Phone Number

by Guest10710  |  12 years ago

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I was getting annoying phone calls from a cell phone number and I changed my number, but same number started calling on this number too. I am too afraid now and want to know if there’s any way I can know who the owner of this cell phone is so I can take precautionary measures!

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  1. Harrydgr8

    If you have the number and you know the name of the network service, simply visit the customer services center for filing a complaint. The phone companies usually do not give the information of the unknown or so called crank callers until and unless you have a legal permission or assistance from the police. This is because it may give rise to a lot many problems which may do some considerable damage to the company’s repute and image. The best thing to do is that you fill in a form provided to you by the customer services representative for crank callers’ complaint. Give all the details you have and then it will be the responsibility of the company to ensure that you do not receive any more calls from that number.

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