What type of political system is headed by Queen Elizabeth II of England

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What type of political system is headed by Queen Elizabeth II of England

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  1. jane

    4.pure democracy
    5.representative democracy

    Some say "It is a constitutional monarchy. The monarch does not have any real power."

    It might be more accurate to say: "It is a constitutional monarchy. The monarch does not EXERCISE any real power, apart from example, persuasion, the PM's weekly audience with HM, the "red boxes", the Declaration of War, etc

    hope it helps

  2. amomipais82
    Britain is a "parliamentary monarchy". That is to say, Parliament runs the country in the name of the Queen. As Britain has no written constitution, the exact role of the Monarch is hard to assertain.
    In practice, Parliament (specifically, the Prime Minister) runs the country during the day-to-day. The Queen is purely a figurehead, with mostly ceremonial duties.

    However, the theory is more complex. The Queen is the only person with the power and (most importantly) the authority to: Declare war, dissolve Parliament, dimiss the Prime Minister, appoint a new Prime Minister etc. This makes the Queen of England, the most powerful monarch of any democracy. -She is Commander in Chief of all British forces; troops swear an oath of alligence to her.

    The United Kingdom has a bi-cameral parliament for the entire country.

    The upper house, the House of Lords, is made up of members appointed by the Queen for life. These members are nominated by the government and the opposition parties. The House of Lords is responsible for reviewing and refining legislation. It cannot veto a bill, and it cannot comment on finance (supply) bills.

    The lower house, the House of Commons, is fully elected by the adult population of the country using the "first past the post" (non-proportional) system. It can veto changes made by the House of Lords.

    The government is made up of the largest party in the House of Commons, with the leader of that party being appointed Prime Minister. The largest party since 1997 is the Labour Party and the Prime Minister since earlier in 2007 is Gordon Brown.

    There are also three other parliament-type assemblies in the United Kingdom following "devolution".

    In Wales, there is an Assembly, semi-proportionally elected, with limited powers. It is currently a Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition, led by Labour's Rhodri Morgan.

    In Scotland, there is a full unicameral parliament which has full responsibility for everything in Scotland except macro-finance, broadcasting, defence and foreign affairs. It is currently an SNP minority government, led by Alex Salmond.

    In Northern Ireland, there is an Assembly. This was only established recently after many attempts. It is designed to be a coalition as a default. The current leading partners are the DUP, who represent protestant interests, and Sinn Fein, who represent catholic interests. The Rev Ian Paisley leads the Assembly.

    England does not have a separate parliament, assembly or government.

    Different arrangements apply in the islands that are British but are not part of the United Kingdom - Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and the Isle of Man - all of which have their own forms of government with the Queen as constitutional monarch.

    The Queen is also Queen of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, plus several other countries. In each of these, she is also a constitutional monarch. These countries are not ruled by the British Government, although in several small islands (Bermuda, Falklands for instance) the British Government is responsible for defense and foreign affairs.

    Hope it helps
  3. Guest8688
  4. Guest9512
    Queen Elizabeth's background is monarchy. She is leader of england and the government is monarchy too. so that makes her a monarchy as well
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