Who views your Facebook Profile applications, is it against facebook policy?

by Guest8220  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I know that facebook is not providing any such feature to know that who views your profile but there are many 3rd party applications that allow you to see who views your profile by putting some code on to your facebook profile. What if i do so, is it against the Facebook Policies. Will Facebook Block my ID or it has nothing to do with their polocies.

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  1. Daniel Phil

    Yes, it's against Facebook TOS and no such application let's you clearly know who views your profile. The applications that claim are worthless. Yes, there's one app that shows the profile pics of your friends stating that they view your profile, but actually these are the friends who used this app like you did.... and kind of infected users with these spam app!

  2. Guest6341
    Facebook doesn't provide this feature and facebook makes sure you won't do it with a third party application. You can put it into your profile but facebook has technically made it impossible for any application to let you know who views your facebook profile. Anyways you can give it a try, Facebook will not block your ID.
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