how can i have magical powers for real right now?

by Guest6188  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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please help i really really want to have magic powers now how can i have a magic powers?




  1. Guest9837
    Maybe watch mass amounts of harry potter! Or you could just hang out with David Blaine lol

  2. Guest604
    i cant tell you that but if u figure out a way u wont want them ... everyone thinks that they r cool and fun and fake but here is youre reality check.... there r ppl with real super powers but we prefure to call them abilities and i hate mine i live in fear of what i will do next some are eassyer to control to learn more about real super powers go to this site the chat there has some nice ppl and some mean ppl some truthful ppl and some roleplayers go to good luck with what ever happens!
  3. Guest5992
    how do u get power
  4. Guest4168
    i want to fly
  5. Guest5251
    i need power to do all thing i need
  6. Guest5161

    I control fire so the government is trying tokj;;;;;;;;giyyyyyyyyyyyyyy;piyuyftkiyyyyyyyyyyyyyytk

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