Honda CR-Z 2011 model standard safety features

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My name is Ali and I am from Karachi. I am wondering to know about the Honda CR-Z 2011 model standard safety features. Can someone tell me about it? hope you can!

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    Following some standard safety features of Honda CR-Z 2011;

    To assist hold you on track and away from hazard, Vehicle Stability Assist assists sense over guide or under guide, and then adjusts brake force at each wheel and or decreases motor power to assist refurbish person going by car control. Standard 4-wheel anti-lock computer disc brakes (ABS), with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), assist you sustain command throughout hard braking. Properly inflated exhausts are vital for protected procedure, so the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the person going by car when a tire's force comes to a considerably reduced level.

    The CR-Z has been engineered to assist defend you and your travelers when a collision just will not be avoided. The Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure utilizes a mesh of attached functional components to circulate smash into power more equally all through the front of the vehicle.

    Standard front, front edge and edge backdrop airbags assist decrease the prospect of wounds in a collision. Driver's and passengers’ hardworking head restraints assist decrease the prospect of whiplash wounds in an adequate back impact.

    Honda is pledged to supplying security for every individual that entails smash into defense not only for our own drivers and travelers, but furthermore for other vehicle inhabitants, and wound mitigation for pedestrians. We are dedicated to recognizing and applying sophisticated concepts and characteristics that assist enhance the security of vehicles on the road.

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