List of all cheat codes of game oblivion for Xbox?

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Anybody have list of all cheat codes of game oblivion for Xbox, please if you have then share it with me.

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  1. Guest6967

    Some Xbox 360 cheats and codes for The Elder Scrolls IV Obilivion

    Easy Skilling Tip

    You can kill one of the scamps at a time and another will appear to take its place. So use a sword, bow, or weak fire, shock, or frost spell to attack a scamp to raise your Destruction, Marksman or Blade skill.


    Then let it attack you to raise your Armor skill. Then kill it.

    Then heal yourself with a weak heal spell. To raise your Restoration skill.

    Then start the process all over again.

    Be sure to use weak spells so you have to use that particular spell more frequently. Which will raise your skill effect quicker.

    Also, to raise your Alteration skill find a "open very easy" spell and continuously cast it at any door that is above that spells ability

    1,500 Gold No Stealing

    Go into Mages guild in Anvil on the walls you might will find some things you use for alchemy: mortar and pestle for example.


    Put your crosshair over them it will say take, not steal if you have joined the mages guild.

    Take as many as you can carry and go over to the person balancing the potions, he is an alchemist and you can sell those items to him.

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