Scuba Dives at the Fish Rock Cave in Australia

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I will be visiting Fish Rock in Australia and I tend to know about the scuba diving sport which is famous there.

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  1. Guest5776
    Fish Rock is an iconic site in Australia and is the premier location to get up close and personal with the endangered grey nurse shark. The rock is located at 30 minute boat from the town of South West Rocks on the New South Wales north coast and is one of the most popular dive locations in Australia.
    The fantastic thing about diving Fish Rock is that each dive will always be unique as there are so many sites around the rock that can be visited. The most famous section of the rock is Fish Rock Cave. Created by a fault in the island, the cave runs from the deeper seaward entrance at 24 meters, 125 meters through the rock emerging into the blue, fish filled, silhouetted shallower entrance fringed by pink gorgonian fans at 12 meters. Within the cave you can find wobbegong sharks, threatened black cod, large rays, turtles and numerous lobster species can be found cramped into the crevices. The shaft section in the cave is completely pitch black and can be very eerie.

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