How can I tune my drums?

by Guest2789  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I bought new drum and need to tune them. I have no idea of tuning. Can someone help me in tuning my drums!

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  1. Guest2378

    You can tune your drums perfectly if you follow the instructions given below:

    Loosen all the tension poles, otherwise finger-tighten them equally except for the 1 pole which is thinly cross-threaded and which you can't finger-tighten. Use your drum key onto this one, monitoring tightly towards see when the little metal washer touches the rim, and give awaythere.

    Tighten each pole within a star pattern; approximately 1/8th curve each, checking the tone at each lug via tapping the head.

    When you encounter a lug that sounds upper or lower than the others, tighten or loosen the pole within low increments until you implement that every moment you tweak this pole the poles onto either side also distort and you're getting nowhere.

    Re-loosen everybody the poles, and finger-tighten them again. Repeat pace three, but within 1/32nd increment curves within the trust that as soon as 32 increments everybody the lugs shall be within tune.

    Re-loosen everybody the poles and finger-tighten them again. Buy a Drum Dial.

    s***w the low incremental curves and the star pattern. Tighten each pole 1 full curve, going round the drum within a circle. Check the tension at each lug with the Drum Dial.

    Once you've got everybody the poles either cranked down or swept so that the Drum Dial reads the equivalent at each lug, tap the drum and see how it sounds towards you.

    Now you can play with your drums.

    Good Luck!


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