Pakistan goes to world cup 2011 strongly.

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Was Pakistan strong enough before going to the World Cup 2011?

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    The World Cup 2011 finally started on 19th February, 2011. The opening match was played between India and Bangladesh which the Indians won quite convincingly. Similarly, Pakistan also opened their account by beating Kenya in their first match by a big margin. The real testers for both India and Pakistan were yet to come. Pakistan had to face the favourites Sri Lanka on their home ground, along with New Zealand and the mighty Australian team which was yet to lose a world cup match being three consecutive times world champions. The Indians had to come across the ashes winning English team along with South Africa and the West Indies in their group. The Pakistan team went on to beat one of the favourites Sri Lanka on their home ground by 11 runs which never seemed to be easy considering the Sri Lankans are very strong on their home ground. On the other hand, India despite posting a mammoth total of 338 runs for England to win lost their way and their nerves. The match that looked to have a result in India’s favour quite surprisingly ended in a tie. The Indians players unlike the English players suggested from their bodies as perhaps they have lost the match. It was quite an achievement by the English team as a score of 338 was never easy to chase against a team like India on their home ground. Somehow, this also proved to be another worrying sign for the Indian side.

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