Why did Nawaz Sharif's party left the alliance

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Why did  Nawaz Sharif's party left the alliance, according to spokesperson of the main opposition party, Mr Sharif's party left the alliance, complaining of reluctance by Mr Zardari's Pakistan People's Party to reinstate the judges sacked by the last government.  

Do you believe his party left for judges or are the judges are just being used in a game of chess?

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  1. Guest3178
    It's all a game of chess and judges are too stupid to realize it; i guess everyone is looking only for their own interests even if the cost is taking the country back by ten years.

  2. Guest9887
    I think its crystal clear that Nawaz Shareef left the alliance for restoration of judiciary, as it was before 3rd of November, 2007. These 'judges' are not stupids, they are cream of the society, people on whom we should be proud of.
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