Why did not I get a husband?

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Why did not I get a husband?

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    Some women were born to marry. All we see, from friends who are girls playing house with impressive ease. His whole life preparing to be the perfect housewife. They know the names of their children from 5th grade and have defined the school they want to send. However, still single.

    There are also women who lived their lives thinking very little in marriage and in much professional success. Women for whom life is antifeminist unite a man and think that emotional and economic independence is the best way to live, until they change their minds.

    And then ended up walking all the drawing to see how we get stuck ring unsuccessfully finger. Why are women for whom marriage seems to recede as they progress in life?

    Tracy McMillan is a television writer and author of Mad Men of " I love you but I'll stop any form", which recounts memories of his 3 marriages. She says she found six reasons why women fail to reach the altar.

    1. You're b***h

    What Tracy is defined as b***h you're mad. Probably not think you 're mad, you think you're safe super smart, and if you put your psychologist attentional probably think you 're putting healthy boundaries. The truth is that you are angry at life, and that scares them.

    Most men want to marry someone who is good with them, and the apanica female anger. We know it sounds a bit unfair having to maneuver around the fears and insecurities of men to marry, but in reality, when you get married, that's what you do the rest of your life.


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