i would like to put together a comittee to execute a fundraiser for me how do i get started

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i would like to put together a comittee to execute a fundraiser for me how do i get started

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  1. Guest627

    Fund raising is not an easy task to perform. A single person could not raise fund on large scale. To raise fund you need a group of people who can assist you to raise fund smoothly. It is impractical to form a committee to run a fundraiser on your own. You need the help of other people voluntarily. If you don't get enough volunteers, draft some on your own behalf.

    The committee must have some practical ideas to raise money for you. The fundraiser could be a carnival, a school play, an auction, a car wash or anything that get the attention of people. It depends on how much money you need to collect.

    You assign this task to any of the committee member who does  it in a better way if it is a bake sale or an auction.

    After figuring out the type of fundraiser you will have to pick an appropriate date for it. Be sure it provides you enough time to plan everything that needs to be done before that date.

    Raise donations and make sure everything is in proper place for the fundraiser. It is better to appoint different people to different duties in order to runs everything smoothly.

    It looks so easy but this is not as easy as you think of. It requires proper time, planning and ability to motivate people. I hope It will be very helpful for you to plan for fund raising.


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