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I have a question regarding the font used inTwitter logo. There is no doubt about the fact whatsoever that the Twitter logo is really cool. I like the font used in making of this logo a lot. For this reason, I was wondering to know that who designed the twitter logo. I want to create a twitter like logo for my website based on twitter. Please tell me where I can download twitter logo font.

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  1. Guest8726

    There have been lots of talks going around among designers what font Twitter uses in their logo. Some have their own opinion that it is a custom made, some say it is a rather common font that has been slightly modified. Some of might be knowing it already and some might know right now. The font used in the Twitter logo is actually “PICO Alphabet “. A is a pop and cute font design, rather fun and playful font that always reminds of some Japanese cartoon movie title or something. As far as designing the logo of twitter is concerned, this present version of the logo, which features a modified bird and lettering, was designed by Twitter's creative director, Doug Bowman. On the other hand, it is also believed that Simon Oxley designed the first bird graphic used by Twitter. Many people like to download this logo for their personal use. For this reason the logo can be downloaded from the following links given below:






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