Why I feel itchy sensation while running?

by Guest14534  |  8 years ago

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Hey, my name is Sara and I have recently started running at my nearest park. Yesterday I felt itching in my knees. I want to know why I suffered this itchy sensation. Is it something to worry or just a normal thing? Answer me as quickly as possible.

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  1. Leonardo

     It is a very usual thing which mostly people feel when they start jogging or running after a long period of time. This problem is due to inactivity. This itch start slowing down as the time pass, but it may be cause of worry as well because it show how in fit you are in your daily life. If you become running as a part of your daily routine, you will not come in that kind of situation. In a scientific way, when we run, our millions of tiny arteries and capillaries which is present in our muscles start expanding rapidly due to more blood passage. If you are fit , we don’t face that kind of situation.

     There is also some other reason of itching as well. Due to it, you feel embarrassment when you stop during running. Sometimes it happens due to dry skin as well. So by applying Vaseline, good cream and lotion can solve your problem of dryness.

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